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Published March 30, 2018

You could argue that social media has played a crucial role in shaping the sports betting market over the last few years. The rise of social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has made it easier than ever before for normal people to discuss betting strategies for their favourite sports betting sites. Indeed, social media has led to the rise of the sports betting tipster and today we are going to look at the role of the tipster within the wider context of the industry and how they can affect your use of sports betting sites.

What is a Tipster & how does it affect Betting on Sports Sites?

A tipster is an individual or group of individuals who have come together to use social media as a platform to offer betting advice. Arguably, you will find most sports betting sites tipster on Facebook and Twitter. On the surface, it can appear that the tipster is there to offer friendly betting advice and in a lot of cases this is true but there are some things to consider before you interact with these sorts of social media platforms especially if you plan on using sports betting sites.

Most of the bigger tipsters that are popular on the web are legitimate to a certain extent but it is important that you understand why they operate – to make money! While a tipster will always offer betting advice for sports betting sites users, their primary goal is to make money so you need to be wary when you use these accounts for advice on your own sports betting. So how exactly does the tipster make money? Well, they encourage you, the customer to gamble on sports betting sites!

Basically, a tipster account will use what’s known as an affiliate programme. Affiliate programmes are available for the vast majority of sports betting sites and essentially you become an affiliate for the company and aim to encourage others to bet money on the site. Doing so will allow you to claim a portion of the revenue that is generated from any customer that bets after taking your advice to use the site. This is how a lot of tipster accounts operate. They use sports betting sites affiliate programmes and encourage their social media followers to bet on these sites. Simple enough once you understand the basic concept.

Being Wary of Tipster Sites offering Sports Betting Advice

Tipster sites precaution

Now that you understand how tipster accounts work you can begin to see why they offer advice. A lot of accounts offer legitimate advice but remember, the tipster account has as much chance of predicting a sporting outcome as you do! This is not to say that you should completely avoid using them for sports betting sites but what we are saying is that you should be extremely careful on the accounts that you choose to interact with as their main goal is to make money from you!

Overall, we would recommend that if you plan to use tipster accounts then do your research and choose accounts that are reputable or have excellent feedback. However, to us, it isn’t too much fun to take advice from others when it comes to sports betting sites so we would recommend simply trusting your instincts and choosing your own bets. Then you can begin to build up your betting strategies and hopefully win big. We hope you found our tipster guide useful and good luck on your chosen sports betting sites. Hopefully, it won’t be long before you pick up a big win.