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Published February 15, 2018

If you have gambled online, then there is any number of methods that you may have used. You may have played blackjack or spun some online slots or you may have bet on sports using sports betting sites. The latter is one of the most popular ways to win money online and the market has grown to become a multi-billion pound industry. Today we are going to look at football accumulator bets and how you can access these on sports betting sites. The aim is to make a profit and football accumulators are the choice of bet for many.

How do you build an accumulator for the football?

Placing a football accumulator bet is one of the most popular ways to gamble online and the best time to place these wagers on sports betting sites would be from August-May as this is when most of the European football leagues take place. Most people in the UK will stick to the UK market and this means that sports betting sites have to offer a good range of betting odds for the Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish football divisions so what exactly is a football accumulator? More about it on
Sports betting sites UK
Quite simply, a football accumulator is one bet that is composed of a number of smaller bets. This is where the term “accumulator” comes from and on sports betting sites as it is an accumulation of bets into one bigger bet. Essentially, you can select different smaller bets to create one bigger bet that will offer you greater combined odds thus giving you a chance to win more money. With sports betting sites, there are millions of combinations of football accumulators with millions of pounds spent every week by customers who place these types of bet.

Betting on Football using Accumulators

So how do you win accumulators on sports betting sites? Of course, this is a form of gambling like any other and no bet can guarantee 100% success but football accumulators are won on a regular basis. Placing this bet on sports betting sites is pretty easy if you are familiar with a site or two and pretty simple to learn if you’re new to sports betting sites altogether. Typically, you simply need to select your individual bets by clicking on them. On your betting slip there will then be the option to group them together to create your accumulator.

You will be able to review the odds that you can receive on sports betting sites before you place the bet and this is a crucial part of the betting phase as you can receive different odds on different sports betting sites. This is where you can shop around to find the best odds if you have the patience to look at various bookies. For sports betting sites, this isn’t always convenient as you have to create an account and become verified generally before you are able to bet and withdraw winnings.

As you can see, betting on football accumulators is a pretty versatile way to attempt to win money online. Of course, a basic knowledge of a football league is a massive advantage but that does not mean that you cannot give these bets a try on sports betting sites. Consider our guide above and then you will be able to try out some football accumulator betting for the first time. Betting small amounts such as a pound is fairly safe and responsible way to do this. Then you will be able to enjoy the excitement of watching the big match to see if you have won.