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Arsenal, Manchester United, Inter Milan, France, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid all can’t be wrong, they all recommend Coerver!

“We at Arsenal are strong believers in the Coerver Program..we want all our young players to be exposed to it so we invited Alfred Galustian to be our Academy Technical Coaches Instructor” Liam Brady, Arsenal Academy Director

Welcome to Coerver Coaching Southeast USA

We at Coerver view the game not just as an 11 v 11 contest on a whole field but as constantly changing sequences of play between two, three and sometimes four players.Team systems are important, but they are only as good as the individual players in them. They cannot compensate for poor control or inaccurate passing and shooting.We believe that individual technique and small group skills in attack and defense determine a team’s success.Coerver Coaching therefore focuses on individual skill development and small group play.It will be our aim to offer this proven philosophy to all players, coaches and parents alike.

We have been evolving over the past 10 years (and still are) and I personally have developed a new approach to delivering The Coerver Method – ’The guided discovery’ method of teaching, where the ’vocal focal point’ is not the coach, (who can end up becoming a ’play by play commentator’ in some cases!) but the most important person – the young player.
We aim to empower the players with as much responsibility as they can handle. We truly want the game to become the teacher; we achieve that with our new ’problem solving’ sessions. We as teachers should prompt of course, but we can learn more about our students by observing how they solve the problems themselves. The best teachers are the best students.
Don’t be confused if you see our teachers simply observing (and not shouting and ranting directions or orders) To the untrained eye it may seem that we are not coaching, but simply ask the students if we are or not. We probably already have quietly given them guidelines to follow and problems to solve, you will be amazed at what you see, and it will stay with them alot longer, rather than always waiting for the coaches next orders!

See you on the pitch, with a smile and a great attitude!